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2014 #FantasyFootball top 20 QB rankings

So here’s my 2014 Fantasy Football QB rankings.
As I was doing my rankings everything flowed smoothly until I hit 12-20.. I felt like I had some ups and downs I felt uneasy that I had a guy too low or too high.
Things did not get any better when I looked at my 2014 rankings vs 2013 final points for QB’s .
Once again things did not go well, I had two guys who finished 2013 5th and 8th overall for QB’s ranked 15th and 16th.
Last year Peyton Manning finished with 406pts (1st) second was Drew Brees with 348 points. That’s a 58 point difference. Cam Newton finished 3rd and was 66 points behind Brees. That’s a big gap between 1st, 2nd, and 3rd..but here’s what you should think about when looking and doing your own rankings. Only 41 points separated spots 4-16th in the finial QB ranking.
So for now here’s a rough draft of my QB rankings.
1.Peyton Manning
2.Drew Brees
3.Aaron Rodgers
4.Matt Stafford
5.Andrew Luck
6.Nick Foles
7.Cam Newton
9.Matt Ryan
10.Colin Kaepernick
11.Philip Rivers
12.Tom Brady
13.Tony Romo
14.Jay Cutler
15.Russell Wilson
16.Andy Dalton
17.Ben Roethlisberger
18.Carson Palmer
19.Eli Manning
20.Alex Smith

Thoughts ??
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Updated: 2014 #FantasyFootball RB top 25

So while I was working on my top 25 RB rankings  for the 2014 season I got to thinking…How right are we(Industry Insiders)

and it turns out not really.. This is data from a site we all LOVE.. So much so fans have a blind devotion to the ranks and the talent. On draft day dont be a slave to the rankings.

Over the last 3 years between 6-7 RB that have been pre-ranked in the top 15 at the start of the year was NOT in the top 15 when the smoke settled . Here a look at the top 15 for the 2011,2012 and 2013 season (Not Ranked in the top 15)

2011 RB    Pts  (Pre-Ranked)

1.Ray Rice 300pts (5th)

2.LeSean McCoy 282pts (6th)

3.MJD 264pts (7th)

4.Arian Foster 256pts (4th)

5.Marshawn Lynch 219pts (Not Ranked)

6.Michael Turner 216pts (9th)

7.Ryan Mathews 190pts (Not Ranked)

8.Michael Bush 187pts (Not Ranked)

9.Darren Sproles 185pts (Not Ranked)

10.Steven Jackson 183pts (11th)

11.Frank Gore 180pts (10th)

12.Reggie Bush 180pts (Not Ranked)

13.Adrian Peterson 178pts (1st)

14.Fred Jackson 172pts (Not Ranked)

15.Matt Forte 170pts (14th)

—-2012 RB Pts (Pre-Rank)—-
1.Adrian Peterson 307pts (10th)
2.Doug Martin 263pts (Not Ranked)
3.Arian Foster 262pts (1st)
4. Marshwn Lynch 247pts (6th)
5.Alferd Morris 241pts (Not Ranked)
6.Ray Rice 222pts (2nd)
7.CJ Spiller 212pts (Not Ranked)
8.Jamaal Charles 205pts (9th)
9.Trent Richerson 204pts (14)
10.Frank Gore 203pts (Not Ranked)
11.Steven Ridley 199pts (Not Ranked)
12.Matt Forte 177pts (7th)
13.Chris Johnson 176pts (4th)
14.Reggie Bush 172pts (Not Ranked)
15.Shonn Greene 167pts (Not Ranked)

As you can tell its a crap shoot as to how they finish year by year.
Let take a look at the 2013 season before we get to my rankings .

—–2013 RB. Pts. (Pre-Rank)
1.Jamaal Charles 295pts (6th)
2.LeSean McCoy 262 (10th)
4.Marshawn Lynch 224pts (3rd)
5.Knowshon Moreno220pts (Not Ranked)
6.Eddie Lacy 198pts (Not Ranked)
7.Adrian Peterson 194pt (1st)
8. Chris Johnson 189pt (15th)
9.Demarco Murry 189pt (Not Ranked)
10.Fred Jackson 178pts(Not Ranked)
11.Ryan Mathews 175pts(Not Ranked)
12.Reggie Bush 174pts(Not Ranked)
13.Frank Gore 166pts (14th)
14.Alfred Morris 160pts (9th)
15.Leveon Bell 160pts (Not Ranked)

So my point is the top 15-25 has just as much value and chance to break the top 10 as guys being ranked in the top 10.
I will update my list as the days and the weeks leading up to camp so check back. (Are the ranking from two other sites)
—-2014 RB rankings—-
1.Jamaal Charles (1st,3rd)
2.Adrian Peterson(3rd,1st)
3.LeSean McCoy (2nd,2nd)
4.Matt Forte(6th,4th)
5.Marshawn Lynch (4th,5th)
6.Eddie Lacy (5th,6th)
7.Leveon Bell(8th.11th)
8.Zac Stacy (9th,9th)
9.Doug Martin (10th,7th)
10.Alfred Morris (14th,12th)
11.Montee Ball(7th,13th)
12.Arian Foster(13th,8th)
13.Giovani Bernard(11th,14th)
14.Reggie Bush (15th,15th)
15.Demarco Murry (12th,10th)
16.CJ Spiller (16th,18th)
17.Ryan Mathews (15th,17th)
18.Ben Tate (21st,16th)
19.Andre Ellington (17th,20th)
20.Trent Richarson (21st,32nd)
21.Reshad Jennings (25th,19th)
22.Shane Vereen (22nd,26th)
23.Bishop Sankey (24th,29th)
24.Knowshon Moreno (33rd,31st)
25.Joique Bell (23rd,27th)

So keep a eye on 16-25th I have a feeling one maybe two guys sneak into my top 15.
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The F Word Podcast : Fantasy Football – Rookies and the impact it will have on the Fantasy Football ranking


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2014 #FantasyFootball WR early rankings

Here’s a raw list of my 2014 fantasy football WR rankings . Keep checking in because I’m sure is so early that this list will change..Some guys will drop other will rise. I’ll add notes and expand it from top 25 to 50.
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2014 fantasy football early WR ranking
1. Calvin Johnson Det bye 9
( I feel like this might be the last year we rank him as the #1 after falling to 3rd in Pts behind Thomas and Gordon)

2. Demaryius Thomas Den bye 4
(1st round production for 2nd round value, Thomas out scored AP, Lacy and Calvin)

3.Dez Bryant Dal bye 11

4.AJ Green Cin bye 4

5.Brandon Marshall Chi bye 9

6.Julio Jones ATL bye 9
(Based on the health of his foot he could fall in my ranking, the bright side is Jone could be a top 10 WR that fantasy players pass on .If his ADP falls jump on him)

7.Jordy Nelson GB bye 9

8. Michael Crabtree SF bye 8
(I think this is the year he leaps into the top 10 of fantasy WR )

9.Antonio Brown Pitt bye 12

10.Alshon Jeffery Chi bye 9
(I truly believe anyone from 10 to 15 could sit in this spot and I still think I drop Jeffery 1-4 spots)

11.Pierre Garçon Was bye 10

12.Randall Cobb GB bye 9

13.Andre Johnson HOU bye 10

14. TY Hilton Ind bye 10

15.Desean Jackson Was bye 10

16.Roddy White ATL bye 9

17. Vincent Jackson TB bye 7

18.Jeremy Maclin Phi bye 7

19.Victor Cruz NYG bye 8

20.Larry Fitzgerald AZ bye 4

21. Wes Welker Den bye 4

22.Keenan Allen SD bye 10

23.Percy Harvin Sea bye 4

24. Golden Tate Det bye 9

25. Kendall Wright Ten bye 9

This Week in #FantasyBaseball waiver wire pickups

With stars dropping like flys and in some leagues the waiver wire is thin.
Here a new list of guys you might be able to plug and play for a week or so.
If you stay to the end of this post you will find out how to check out more of my work.

Seth Smith 38% SD OF
Season- .333 R-18 HR-5 and 17-RBI
I still think he hits 15/20HR so to be 38% own is a steal. He has hits in 11 of his last 12 games and multi hits in 6 of them with stats of 10-RBI runs-8 and 3-HR.

Juan Francisco 61% Tor 1B/3B
Season – .292 18-R HR-8 and 19-RBI
Juan is a repeat offender on this list and I won’t stop until he owned in 62% of leagues .After going 0-10 Juan bounced back nicely with 7 hit in 6 games that includes 3HR and 7RBI.

George Springer 66% HOU OF
I hate tossing out guys who are owned over 60% but this guy was a much hyped prospect who has under whelmed . If this kid is sitting on your waver wire you must jump on him..Springer has shown life as of late with hits in 9 of 12 games 14 total and 7 runs with 9Rbi .

Gerardo Parra 40% AZ OF
Season – .273 23-Runs 4-HR 3-SB and 14Rbi
Parra has a 8game hit streak with and hit safely 12 time in that 8game span.
Going 0-4 on 5/14 Ol’ Gerardo has 5 hits and the last 4 games.

James Loney 57% TB 1B
Alright not the most sexy name on this or any list.. No power no speed…
Buuuut .306 18-Runs and 25-RBI he producing .

Kolten Wong 6% STL 2B
The welcome back to the Majors part has him starting in the last 3 games going 5 of 11 with 3RBI

Jedd Gyorko 46% SD 2
With his ownership dropping like a rock with a .154 BA he has teased us a few times already with signs of life. Gyorko is to good for this slump and if you have the room he could be a stud in a few weeks . The bright side is the 5HR and 20RBI already this season

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