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Fantasy Football ADP draft day steals

So it that time of year where everyone is looking for draft day steals.

We all enjoyed late round production in 2013 from guys like Alshon Jeffery and Knowshon. This year I see a lot of names who are not getting any love in mock drafts some rookies and some are fantasy football vet who once have helped or even lead your team to a championship .

Here is a list of guys with low ADP (Avg Draft Position) that could become draft day steals. (Round they are being drafted. pick in said round)

DeAngelo Williams (9.12)/Jonathan Stewart(12.7)

I’m leaning toward Stewart more here all signs point to Stewart being healthy and with coach speak saying they would be happy if the Wideouts would  get 12-20 rec per-game. That tells me the Offense might be more run heavy.question marks around Cam Newton and his band of misfit Wide Revisers maybe just maybe D-Will and J-Stew might payoff.

Miles Austin (14.5)

Without Josh Gordon and if Austin can stay on the field I think he has the chance to see the Endzone at least 7-8 times. Before this I had him at 6 TD.as far as Rec before the Gordon debacle I projected Miles Austin at 65 Rec now I’ll give him a bump to 72-75.

Odell Beckham Jr (13.10)

Look OBJ has a real opportunity to be the 3rd WR on this team and truly think he could sidestep Rueben Randel as the number two guy on this team. my projection- 66Rec 760Yd 7TD

Tre Mason (11.7)

Realistically Mason is a great handcuff this season but what if we tried to put the clues together..One of the best RB in college football last season,The Rams already set with Zac Stacy drafts Mason with a 3rd round pick. I would not be shocked if Mason has 120 ATT 440 Yd and 4TD.

Steve Smith (12.10)

Last season Smith netted 97 fantasy points in standard leagues this season I think you see a bit of a bump upward in his stats I’m going to guess about 60-67Rec and 7TD,Add that to the fact he is being drafted late in the 12th and early in the 13th round Steve Smith is a draft day steal.

Heres a list of other names you keep a eye out on..

DeAndre Hopkins (11.3)

Carlos Hyde (11.8)

Jerrett Boykin (11.11)

David Wilson (12.4)

Markus Wheaton (13.4)

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2014 fantasy football league

Ok guys this year I’ll be hosting two 12team leagues Fox Sports Detroit/Detroit Sports Nation and The F Word.
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2014 #FantasyFootball top 20 QB rankings

So here’s my 2014 Fantasy Football QB rankings.
As I was doing my rankings everything flowed smoothly until I hit 12-20.. I felt like I had some ups and downs I felt uneasy that I had a guy too low or too high.
Things did not get any better when I looked at my 2014 rankings vs 2013 final points for QB’s .
Once again things did not go well, I had two guys who finished 2013 5th and 8th overall for QB’s ranked 15th and 16th.
Last year Peyton Manning finished with 406pts (1st) second was Drew Brees with 348 points. That’s a 58 point difference. Cam Newton finished 3rd and was 66 points behind Brees. That’s a big gap between 1st, 2nd, and 3rd..but here’s what you should think about when looking and doing your own rankings. Only 41 points separated spots 4-16th in the finial QB ranking.
So for now here’s a rough draft of my QB rankings.
1.Peyton Manning
2.Drew Brees
3.Aaron Rodgers
4.Matt Stafford
5.Andrew Luck
6.Nick Foles
7.Cam Newton
9.Matt Ryan
10.Colin Kaepernick
11.Philip Rivers
12.Tom Brady
13.Tony Romo
14.Jay Cutler
15.Russell Wilson
16.Andy Dalton
17.Ben Roethlisberger
18.Carson Palmer
19.Eli Manning
20.Alex Smith

Thoughts ??
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The F Word Podcast : Fantasy Football – Rookies and the impact it will have on the Fantasy Football ranking


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2014 #FantasyFootball WR early rankings

Here’s a raw list of my 2014 fantasy football WR rankings . Keep checking in because I’m sure is so early that this list will change..Some guys will drop other will rise. I’ll add notes and expand it from top 25 to 50.
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2014 fantasy football early WR ranking
1. Calvin Johnson Det bye 9
( I feel like this might be the last year we rank him as the #1 after falling to 3rd in Pts behind Thomas and Gordon)

2. Demaryius Thomas Den bye 4
(1st round production for 2nd round value, Thomas out scored AP, Lacy and Calvin)

3.Dez Bryant Dal bye 11

4.AJ Green Cin bye 4

5.Brandon Marshall Chi bye 9

6.Julio Jones ATL bye 9
(Based on the health of his foot he could fall in my ranking, the bright side is Jone could be a top 10 WR that fantasy players pass on .If his ADP falls jump on him)

7.Jordy Nelson GB bye 9

8. Michael Crabtree SF bye 8
(I think this is the year he leaps into the top 10 of fantasy WR )

9.Antonio Brown Pitt bye 12

10.Alshon Jeffery Chi bye 9
(I truly believe anyone from 10 to 15 could sit in this spot and I still think I drop Jeffery 1-4 spots)

11.Pierre Garçon Was bye 10

12.Randall Cobb GB bye 9

13.Andre Johnson HOU bye 10

14. TY Hilton Ind bye 10

15.Desean Jackson Was bye 10

16.Roddy White ATL bye 9

17. Vincent Jackson TB bye 7

18.Jeremy Maclin Phi bye 7

19.Victor Cruz NYG bye 8

20.Larry Fitzgerald AZ bye 4

21. Wes Welker Den bye 4

22.Keenan Allen SD bye 10

23.Percy Harvin Sea bye 4

24. Golden Tate Det bye 9

25. Kendall Wright Ten bye 9

2014 fantasy football Rookie wideout early rankings

This is just for 2014 fantasy football re-draft leagues.

1. Mike Evens drafted 7th to Tampa Bay

The guy has a wing span that rivals that of The Megaton and at 6’5 225 he looks to line up opposite  of V-Jaxs

While manhandling the SEC with his ability to run slants,cuts and post and a Combine speed of 4.53 40.

I have Evans for 9-TD and 790yd.

2.Jordan Matthews drafted 42nd to Philadelphia

Matthews has H.O.F roots with a bloodline that includes Jerry Rice ,At 6’3 212 he will be lining up  in the slot.

I really think in PPR leagues he could really pay off maybe by-passing Cooper in targets. 

Best guess 50-60 Rec 699yd and 6TD

3.Sammy Watkins drafted 4th to Bills

At 6’3 and coming from a College Offense that other would call Gimmicky.

 I worry a bit he may end of like a Devin Hester ,Watkins has the speed and the hands its the lack of polished rout running

while shying away from hits and playing the middle of the field that I dropped him to 3rd.

4.Allen Robinson drafted 61 to Jacksonville

I really wanted to put Cody Latimer or Brandin Cook here I also think both will be hampered by depth chart issues while Allen Robinson

should come in and edge out both in playing time and production.

5.Jarvis Landry drafted 63 to Miami

Mike Wallace and Hartline have underwhelmed for Tannehill and the Fins and Gibson coming back from a Tendon tear I truly believe

the 5’11 Landry will end the season as the Fins number 3 WR. Best guess here 580YDS 5TD

others on the list here…

6.Odell Beckham drafted 12th to NYG

7.Brandin Cook drafted 20th to Saints

8.Cody Latimer drafted 56th to Denver

9.Davante Adams drafted 53 Green Bay

10.Kelvin Benjamin drafted 28th to Panthers

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A early look at my 2014 #FantasyFootball RB rankings

Here a early look at a striped down  list for my 2014 top 36 Fantasy Football running back ranking and it defiantly subject to change.

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1.Jamaal Charles

2.LeSean McCoy

3.Matt Forte

4.Adrian Peterson

5.Eddie Lacy

6.Marshawn Lynch

7.Doug Martin

8.Arian Foster

9.Montee Ball

10.Le’Veon Bell

11.Giovani Bernard

12.Zac Stacy

13.Trent Richardson

14.Alfred Morris

15.C.J. Spiller

16.Chris Johnson

17.Steven Jackson

18.Andre Ellington

19Ben Tate

20.Reggie Bush

21.Knowshon Moreno

22.Darren McFadden

23.Frank Gore

24Ray Rice

25.Ryan Mathews

26Toby Gerhart

27.Rashad Jennings

28.Joique Bell

29.Bernard Pierce

30.Fred Jackson

31.LeGarrette Blount

32.Maurice Jones-Drew

33.Shane Vereen

34.DeAngelo Williams

35.Donald Brown

36.Danny Woodhead